Flare Chef will be the Game Referee, and you can ACTUALLY enjoy the event, as a host, participating with your guests. Games have a prize that is provided by the host of the event, (so you get to decide the value).But all FCCE games have a company sponsored rollover treasure hidden within the game. Your guests have a chance to test their skills even further for a harder prize to find!!! If the treasure is never found it rolls over to the next game (like a lottery with no winner) communicatively growing larger in value with each game…until it’s discovered!

These games are based on reality role playing scenarios that can be team or solo based. They involve problem solving and clues that lead to the solution. Each game is custom made to degrees of difficulty ranging from 1 to 10, (so 1 would be good for smaller children and 10 for you brainiacs).
Games $100 plus $1 per person materials fee. (ink, paper, pencils, ect.)
Can be played with up to 100 people. (so far)
Can last from 1 hour to 4. (more if needed)

Here is a short list of Interactive Games provided by Flare Chef Culinary Entertainment:

Murder Mystery Dinner: ???

This timeless games popularity is what makes it perfect for almost any occasion. Be the detective to put the clues together and solve the murder. You can form a team of investigators or go at it solo…just watch your own back.

Special Agent: TOP SECRET

Did you ever just want to be that person who saves the world. Well now you can…Your mission if you choose to accept. Find the megalomaniac, uncover their sadistic plans, stop them and save the day! You can assemble a team of Special Agents for this or be the lone wolf.

Holiday Heist: Vault of Value

Straight out of every bank robbery or heist film. Create a team of specialists that will help you crack the vault of a corrupt casino. Hey they’re bad guys, so taking what’s in the vault isn’t that bad…right?

Zombie Survival: BRAINS!!! your gonna need them.

The house and your guests are some of the last known alive during a Zombie Apocalypse. The CDC wants to help but the scientist never arrived at the house. His belongings did. Use what you have and know to survive this one.

The Mad Archeologists Diary: Crazy Fun

Only a journal tells the whereabouts of a missing archeologist. Where is he? What was he looking for? Did he go mad or was he really on to something. The answers lie within the journal that was left behind. Pack your hat and a whip cause we are going on an adventure.

The War Throne Game: Medieval or Modern.

Armies are developing within the kingdom, will yours be the best. Build your army and be the strongest throughout the land. Form alliances or break them with players in the game. This one is great for any role-player.
If you like the idea of a game but don’t like the themes, please contact us with the theme that interest you and we will develop the event you want.

We can also provide more mature themed games for adult audiences. Please contact for questions regarding.